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Panorama HD Camera Download for Android

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Panorama HD Camera Download for Android It is a visual tool for recording or taking pictures, which can be stored,

A camera is a visual tool for recording or capturing images, which can be stored locally, transmitted to another location,
or both. The images may be individual still images or sequences of images that make up videos or movies,
The camera is a remote sensing device because it senses subjects without any contact. The word camera comes from darkroom,
which means "dark room" and is the Latin name of the original device for projecting an image of external reality onto a flat surface.

Important part of the camera:

Focal Length - the length and type of lens (normal, long focus, wide angle, telephoto, macro, fisheye, or zoom)
Filters - Placed between the subject and recording light material, either in front of or behind the lens
Inherent - sensitivity to medium and intensity of light and color/wavelengths.

Features about HD Panorama Camera:

* High quality images.
* Optical / digital zoom, tap to focus, focus halo display.
* Filters, all filters are free.
* Photo editor tools for beauty filters
* Arabic mode.
* White balance.
* Countdown pictures.
* Set image size.
* Record shooting location information.
* Exposed.
* Manual ISO / Manual ISO or just offset ISO (manual iso set)
* Night mode
* Flash feature
* Adjust brightness
*Presentation style.
* Front and back camera switch.
* Panoramic camera, 360 degree panorama taken.
* Capture video.

A professional and free camera app for all Android devices. HD Camera is simple to,
capture the clear moments with HD photos, 4K videos, panorama, etc,
There are professional modes in which you can set shutter speed and exposure,
 are also over 100 filters, all well designed for your everyday moments,
HD Camera pro is a light app but comprehensive in features. It's worth downloading and trying!.

The main features are as follows:

HD Camera Application:

Capture anything and support JPG, PNG, RAW (DNG) and RAW+ format,
4K HD video recorder for every moment of your life,
High-resolution photos just like the iPhone 13 camera no matter what mobile devices you're using,
Set shutter speed and exposure in pro mode to take any low light photo and HD night photo.

More high-resolution selfies from your phone:

Clear and brighter selfies with face focus and 3x front zoom camera,
More HD selfies than your phone's camera, which solves Samsung mobile phone camera problems,
Export high quality images and share them with your friends.

Pro mode is simple yet powerful:

Exposure: Set shutter speed and ISO,
Multiple modes: Auto and manual modes are supported for all parameters such as exposure and WB,
Slow Shutter: Get a high-resolution photo in low light and night scenes,
Intelligent focus: including macro and infinity focus,
Also available with video mode.

Information about the application:

Update date
Android requires
5.0 and later

Content rating:

Rated as suitable for ages 3 and up More information
View details
Release Date
introduce it
Pix Team

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6 days ago

Panorama HD Camera Download for Android

"Panorama HD Camera Download for Android"

Hasan Ali

1 week ago

Panorama HD Camera Download for Android

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Panorama HD Camera Download for Android
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